Mini Crossword October 14 2023 Answers

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NYT Mini Crossword Answers for October 14 2023

The answers to NYT Mini Crossword, which was published on October 14 2023 are:


  • Illegally copied and sold, as music: PIRATED
  • Word that Nemo struggles to pronounce in “Finding Nemo”: ANEMONE
  • Classic cinnamon candy: REDHOTS
  • Snake-like fish: EEL
  • Los Angeles football team: THERAMS
  • Pet that might have a wheel: HAMSTER
  • Slurped seafood delicacy: OYSTERS


  • Number on a mini golf scorecard: PAR
  • Suffix with nectar, for a fruit: INE
  • Cashes in: REDEEMS
  • Liberal arts college whose name anagrams to 11- and 15-Across: AMHERST
  • “Sorry, you missed your window”: TOOLATE
  • Tree creature in Middle-earth: ENT
  • ___ Moines, Iowa: DES
  • However, informally: THO
  • Food for a horse: HAY
  • French for “sea”: MER
  • 4th-year students: Abbr.: SRS

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