The newest puzzle game on the internet, Balls2048, is a difficult and addictive game that demands fast reflexes and smart thinking. You will need to shoot 2048 in it. The balls will be useful to you in your endeavor. On the screen in front of you will be a playground with a variety of colored and sized balls. There will be a printed number on each of them. Two balls with the same number must be located. You will obtain a new item with a different number as soon as these balls come into contact with one another. Thus, as you move forward, you will arrive at 2048.

The game has an extremely straightforward yet appealing UI. Playgrounds abound with brightly colored balls of all sizes, each with a different design emblazoned on it. The goal is to select two balls that have the same number of mice in order to combine them into a ball that is more valuable. After the ball has merged, it moves to the closest unoccupied area, where it can merge again. See if you can reach the difficult number 2048 by giving it a try now!

How To Play

  • Players use the mouse to select identical balls

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