Stan's Daily Crossword

Stan's Daily Crossword

Stan's Daily Crossword

Stan's Daily Crossword is a popular American crossword puzzle game created by crossword puzzle builder Stanley Newman.

Every day, new quizzes are posted online with progressively harder questions. Puzzles are easier on Mondays and toughest on Saturdays. The quizzes combine dictionary definitions with clever quiz-related hints.

The standard grid size is 15x15, however for unique puzzles, it can be anything from 12x12 to 21x21. You may be confident that the solution will not contain any challenging words, as they are ordinary words, proper names, or locations that don't exist.

Tips to win Stan's Daily Crossword

  • To win this game with a high score, you can make use of references from contemporary language and popular culture.
  • If you're having problems answering the puzzle, use the hint tool to reveal a letter in the answer or the entire answer.
  • Start with the quizzes you feel confident in passing or ones you believe are the simplest. This will enable you to find more hints in the grid's connected sentences.
  • Be mindful of the answer's length, both horizontally and vertically.
  • Prefixes and suffixes like -tion, -able, -y, -ly, -ous, etc. should be observed.
  • Think about subjects like music, food, entertainment, etc. that might be pertinent to your response. There are instances when every response relates to just one subject.
  • Read through all of the problems before beginning one to gain a general idea of the subject matter in the grid, the quantity of letters in each sentence, and their level of difficulty.
  • If you run into trouble, switch to a different puzzle and come back once you've collected enough hints for that one.
  • You can conceal the time if you wish, so don't worry about it too much. Increase your accuracy, and you'll run faster.

You can brush up on your knowledge with simply this game's more than 3500 quizzes. If you have finished the puzzle from the most recent day, you can also play older puzzles from earlier days.