The entertaining puzzle game Crosswords is situated in a desert with the well-known pyramid. To advance to the next level, the player must finish the lettering in the grid. The conclusion is based on ideas that the system provides as soon as you start the game.

Features in Crosswords

  • Based on the provided letters, players must determine the grid's answer independently.
  • You can always check whether the responses you provide are correct or incorrect. The letter will be yellow if your response is right, otherwise, it will be red.
  • Players will advance to the next level as soon as the system determines that all of their responses are accurate.
  • There are only 10 levels in this version and no daily updates.
  • The puzzle time and the player's scores will be used to create the leaderboard. The player will lose points for each incorrect guess and vice versa. And depending on the player's level, the score in Crosswords might be either negative or positive. If you perform well, you will receive a lot of bonus points to help you move up the rankings.

How To Play

  • Complete the crossword puzzle. Select an empty spot and choose the correct letter for that spot.
  • There will be more vacant cells that illuminate in addition to the one you select each time you click on an empty area. That implies that the identical letter will appear in each of the vacant cells. It offers both a benefit and a chance to win more quickly.
  • The system effect will let you know which letters are accessible to put in the blanks.

Tips And Tricks

You will see a few squares filled with answers when you first start the game. This is your sole indication for finishing the puzzle. Here are some pointers to help you win with high scores quickly:

  • Start with the terms that include the most letters because they hold the key to success. 
  • Continue with succinct words: These are not particularly challenging terms. And they also certainly will connect with many other words.
  • If you run into trouble, click the question mark symbol to provide a support action.
  • Avoid attempting to fill in the letters you are unsure of since you will lose points if you guess incorrectly more than once. Your rating is badly impacted by this.
  • Make sure your answers are accurate by frequently checking them.

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Enjoy yourself!