The Daily Crossword

The Daily Crossword

The Daily Crossword

The Daily Crossword is a challenging game that requires players to fill in words in rows and columns through hints provided in a 15x15 grid. The Daily Crossword is played on a 15x15 grid, where you must use the provided hints to fill in the words in the horizontal rows (across) and vertical columns (down).

How To Play

As you start playing, you will be given two large columns of hints: the left ones are for across words, and the right ones are for down words. When you click on the hints, the empty cells in the grid will be colored blue. You can tell how many letters a word consists of by looking at the number of cells marked in light blue in the same horizontal or vertical line. If there are cells colored black, it means that rows and columns don't contain any letters. The game provides players with some reveal options in case they are stuck with no moves. You can choose to reveal the letters, words, or puzzles to find out the target words.

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