In CodeWord, players have to reveal words without clues on a board consisting of empty cells numbered differently and a few letters already revealed. CodeWord involves playing on a board with empty cells numbered differently and a few letters already revealed. Every letter has been marked with a number. Your mission is to decide which letters are in the correct number cell.

How To Play

The game displays two columns of words on your right, colored blue, which you have to choose from to fill in the board. The letters colored gray indicate the letters already placed on the board. Click on the empty cell first, then click the blue cells to fill in the letters you want. When you click on the empty cells, they will be bordered in yellow. The whole yellow cells are the first letters of the hidden words. You can tell how many letters a word consists of by looking at the starting and ending cells marked in light green in the same horizontal or vertical line. If you are stuck with no existing moves, use the reveal option to unconceal one letter in the same numbered cells.

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