Premier Crossword

Premier Crossword

Premier Crossword

Premier Crossword is a puzzle game in the American tradition that was developed by Frank Fur and distributed by Andrews McMeel Syndication.

Version 2.1.19 has a grid with 72 squares that is 15x15 in size. The answers range in length from 3 to 15 letters and cover a variety of life-related subjects. All ages can play this game because of its medium level of difficulty. The puzzles will be designed so that it will take players a maximum of 15 minutes to solve them.

Every Sunday, fresh puzzles will be added to the game, which is updated every week. The leaderboard will keep track of your performance so you can compete against other users. Additionally, you can communicate online or print the PDF quizzes to complete them on paper. Additionally, assistance and test results are constantly accessible.

Features in Premier Crossword

  • A standard 15x15 crossword grid in American style with rotational symmetry
  • Themes - Puzzles built around fascinating subjects or concepts
  • Interesting, clever clues that are fun to solve
  • Fresh word choice is a goal of editor Frank Longo's, who also aims for variety.
  • Moderate difficulty - The goal of the puzzles is for skilled solvers to finish them in under 15 minutes. 
  • Weekly puzzle updates 
  • Archives - Access to older, many-year-old puzzles
  • Ability to interact with puzzles while solving them on a website or app.
  • Printing choice - PDF puzzles can be printed as well.
  • Helpful tools - A word finder, a highlighter, and hints facilitate problem-solving
  • Subscriptions - Members receive additional features, ad-free solving, and access to all archives.
  • Unique puzzles for holidays, topics, events, and interests with special themes
  • Since 1998, Frank Longo has been the crossword's experienced creator and editor.
  • Widely syndicated - Appearances on websites and in publications across the nation

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Keep checking back for new Premier Crossword quiz updates to broaden your knowledge. Have a great time!