Penny Dell Sunday Crosswords

Penny Dell Sunday Crosswords

Penny Dell Sunday Crosswords

Penny Dell Sunday Crosswords is a puzzle game themed and updated every Sunday. It is a favorite for puzzle enthusiasts but can only play at the weekends.

The game is published by Dell Magazines - a part of Crosstown Publications, first launched in 2008. With 50-52 problems each and a standard size of 15x15, the puzzles will be very unique and always innovating.

This game's vocabulary is not too challenging, making it appropriate for players of all ages. The puzzles and subjects are varied, and occasionally there is a dash of humor or originality that adds a special touch to set it apart from other Crossword games.

All of the information falls within the popular culture area, and the ideas are provided to encourage players to come up with a variety of solutions. The puzzles are of medium difficulty, but as this game is simply for enjoyment, they won't be able to stress you out.

How To Play

Based on the numbered information in Across and Down, players need to guess the correct word described accordingly and fill in the adjacent grid.


If you get any trouble, try these button to get the best support:

  • Check: players can check a letter, word or whole puzzle every time they fill in an answer. Or they can turn on the Auto Check function, which will check your answer automatically.
  • Similar to the Check button, with Reveal, the system can also reveal each letter in an answer or all letters in a sentence or all the answers in the grid at once. Choose the one you need and it will help you. 
  • Once you want to solve all the puzzles yourself without any help, you can choose Pencil mode. With Pencil Mode, you cannot check whether the answer you have entered is correct or not. So the Check function will be unavailable and players can only use the Reveal button.

Tips And Tricks to win Penny Dell Sunday Crosswords

Like other puzzle games, Penny Dell Sunday Crosswords also needs a few tips to win:

  • Start by focusing on the topics and titles. Seek out clues that are related to the theme of the problem. These may offer you useful insights for more solutions.
  • Solve the questions with words of less than four letters first, as these are typically simpler to pass.
  • Pay attention to word lengths; to reduce possibilities, count the number of boxes under each answer.
  • Think about popular letters: Vowels and commonly used consonants like R, T, S, and N are important areas to concentrate on.
  • Search for crossword-style language. "What's up, Doc?" and "Bye for now" are frequent phrases.
  • Keep an eye out for puns and wordplay - Penny Dell uses clever clues with double meanings.
  • Remember proper nouns – Names, places, brands, etc. are frequently mentioned.
  • Verify alternative word meanings – Words in a clue may have a different meaning from what you initially assumed.
  • Use Pencil Mode when possible - Lightly fill in any likely letters to assist with word decoding.
  • Any solved words that cross each other can lead to new solutions.
  • Take a break if you get stuck, go out and relax with nature before getting back to the game. Your mind will be refreshed.