BestCrosswords Themed

BestCrosswords Themed

BestCrosswords Themed

BestCrosswords Themed is played on an American 15x14 grid, where you must use the provided clues to fill in the words horizontally (across) and vertically (down). The game is claimed to have moderate difficulty.

How To Play

You will be given two sections of clues: the upper ones are for across words, and the lower ones are for down words. When you click on any empty cells, they will be highlighted in dark gray. To know how many letters a word consists of, look at the number of cells marked in light gray in the same horizontal or vertical line (including the dark one). If the cells are colored black, they don't contain any letters. There are also some reveal options players can use in case they are unable to come up with any words. You can choose to reveal the letters or words to find out the target words.

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