Casual Crossword

Casual Crossword

Casual Crossword

Every day, Casual Crossword provides participants with crossword puzzles on popular subjects like food, household chores, buildings, and cities. To answer the riddles in the left boxes with the same number, use the hints presented on the right side of the screen.

The problems won't be refreshed every day, which makes this Crossword game unique. Because there is only one level for each topic, you can choose themes but not dates. The amount of time will be measured in seconds, therefore you must complete all the problems as quickly as you can. If you're unfamiliar with the genre, you can try your hand at one of the four system themes at this normal level in the well-known Crosswords.


  • Full-screen mode
  • Simple crossword. Use any device to complete the crossword puzzle, just like everyone else
  • It is simple to choose any question and insert the solution from the puzzle grid
  • An electronic keyboard for tablet and smartphone users
  • Quickly enter your solutions to problems and erase them if you need to make changes
  • Random quizzes created using MarketJS's database of inquiries and responses
  • A soothing theme that is appropriate for anyone learning to play crosswords

Benefits When You Play Casual Crossword

  • The game is a good approach for novice players to familiarize themselves with the genre of puzzle-solving games because it is not challenging. Players can join whenever they choose.
  • Casual Crossword can be a means of leisure for individuals who enjoy the genre and have played a variety of crossword games following the struggles in those games. You'll feel some mild mental relaxation.

How To Play

  • Choose the theme you love and start to play
  • Use the clues on your left side to solve the puzzle on your right side with the same number
  • This game does not have any Hint function so you have to do it on your own, seek the answers on any searching tool and you will find the right one, eventually. 
  • Tap to start and relax with our crossword puzzles