Polymath Crossword

Polymath Crossword

Polymath Crossword

The improved puzzle game Polymath Crossword by Cincinnus has a significant learning curve. This time, as opposed to earlier iterations, the grid is larger at 17x17, and each word can have up to 12 letters. Longtime users can access this Crossword version anywhere.

Overview of Polymath Crossword

There will only be 40 fixed total quizzes in this version 2.1.17 instead of the daily updated quizzes. Up until each puzzle is finished, players are free to select any puzzle to solve. Like other Crosswords games, they have the choice to use Reveal, Print quizzes, and Check filled answers.

Additionally, Settings options will be maintained to guarantee that gamers are aware of what they are playing.

How To Play

  • Fill in all the answers in the grid on the left. Use your general knowledge and the recommendations from the Across and Down columns on the right side of the screen.
  • Your ability to quickly complete the grid will help you move up the list of players.
  • You can select any level number from 1 to 40 in the Main Menu. To win this challenge, you must complete all of them.

Tips And Tricks

Each puzzle is challenging because the grid board size rises. As a result, the following advice will help you resolve this issue:

  • By reading books, listening to podcasts, or viewing multiple news channels, you can increase your general knowledge.
  • We recommend you to play with a friend to complete the grid in a short time. After all, two brains are always better than one.
  • You can uncover answers to queries with many characters by first solving puzzles with a limited number of letters.
  • Alternatively, you might begin with whatever sentences you deem simple before moving on to more challenging ones.

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