Crosswords 2

Crosswords 2

Crosswords 2

Welcome to Crosswords 2, a brand-new puzzle game set in a fresh setting with a primary background based on nature. Players must guess the letters organized both horizontally and vertically in the grid, just like in previous versions. There won't be any clues this time, so you will have to make your own educated guess based on the letters provided before and the quantity of characters in the row or column. With the use of this game, members can greatly increase the number of new words. Click on the question mark to fill in some squares if you are uncertain about any of the words in the table. Up until you complete 10 levels, completing the board will advance you to the next level.


  • On the right side of your screen are the 3 main parameters of the game: Level, Time and Score

⇒  Level: there are 10 levels in total in this game, when you complete the current level, the system will automatically transition to the next level

⇒  Time: Time will be counted from the moment you start playing and only when you pause or exit will it stop

⇒  Score: Every time you fill it correctly, the score will increase and vice versa. It can be below 0 if you get stuck. Note that getting help from the system also makes your score better

⇒  In addition, you will see a few icons below the 3 main parameters that will help you: pause the game (then a table will appear and you can click Continue, return to the main Menu, adjust the sound), help with results, turn on/off sound and music.

  • On the left side of the screen is a list of letters you can enter or not: the white letters are the missing letters in the grid and are one of the answers, the blue letters are the answers. the answers are already filled in and you can't click on them
  • At the bottom of the screen are two functions: Undo and Fullscreen

How To Play

Complete the crossword puzzle

Select an empty spot and choose the correct letter for that spot

All letters are listed on your left side

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