Find The Truth Master

Find The Truth Master

Find The Truth Master

You will take on the role of a real truth-seeker in the game Find The Truth Master, uncovering everyone and everything at every turn. In order to solve each problem and unearth buried truths, a combination of reasoning, observation, and inventiveness are needed.

The idea of standing up for the truth lies at the core of the game. It is advised for players to exercise caution and doubt whatever they observe, since nothing is what it seems. Players must make adjustments and uncover secret details in order to complete each tale image, which offers a unique challenge.

Additionally, there will be standard jigsaw puzzles. You will be presented with a range of stories and questions, each of which will get harder with each consecutive logic task. It will be necessary for you to have both creative and logical thinking skills. You will discover in this thrilling game that although everything appears to be okay, it is actually a lie.

How To Play

  • Click or tap

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