BestCrosswords Puzzle

BestCrosswords Puzzle

BestCrosswords Puzzle

BestCrosswords Puzzle is a free crossword puzzle game for players of all ages. You can use your web browser, smartphone, tablet, or high-resolution printing to play. The game has 7 unique daily puzzles that are continuously updated, and at the end of the month, the name of the winner will be revealed. 

Features Of BestCrosswords Puzzle

  • Each day, you can pick from seven puzzles ranging in difficulty.
  • Use the keyboard arrows to navigate or type the solutions into the crossword grid.
  • If you get stuck at any spot, you can get hints. Check the answers, or Reveal Letter, Reveal Word, or Solve Puzzle by using buttons with corresponding names.
  • You can set preferences for things like skipping filled-in boxes, displaying a timer, modifying the font's size and color, etc.
  • Remember that your score will not be 100% if you use the Hint function. Each time you use the Reveal button (whether it is Reveal Word or Reveal Letter), your score will decrease a little bit.

How To Play

Use your mouse to click on any white cell to start. The corresponding clue will show up in the panels on the top and right of the grid where the cursor is displayed.


  • Keyboard: The crossword can be navigated using the Arrow Keys and the Space Bar can be used to change orientation.
  • Mouse: To display clues, click on any empty space in the grid. Click the cell once more to change the orientation.

Alternatively, you can click and drag the cursor to any across or down clue in the right across/down clue panels.

The top clue panel has left and right arrows that can be used to navigate to the previous or next clue.


Simply type your answer to complete the crossword, and the cursor will move to the following square on its own. Letter will be highlighted in red if it is incorrect. Put the cursor where you want to fix, then enter your correction. You can use the Backspace or Delete keys to remove a letter as well (only incorrect letters can be removed).


The letters in the word under the cursor can be revealed using the Reveal Letter or Reveal Word buttons.


Your score begins at 100% and drops by 1% for each error made. Additionally, the Reveal feature has the ability to lower your statistics. The decline specifically relates to the total number of letters in a puzzle.

For instance, if a puzzle has 150 letters and you have made 7 mistakes/revealed 8 letters using the Reveal feature, then your score will be 90% (100x150-7-8)/150).


Every day, 7 new puzzles are released. To switch between them, use the drop menu on the top control panel.

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