Super Pony World

Super Pony World

Super Pony World

The captivating online game Super Pony World transports players to a fantastical world full of hurdles, trials, and rewards. Tom, a cute horse in the game, sets off on a quest to gather enchanted stars. As the player, you will go on adventures with Tom and assist him in discovering the vivid and colorful universe of the game.

The game's mechanics are straightforward but appealing. The player controls Tom's movements by touching the screen or pressing the arrow buttons while he is moving automatically. As the player advances through the stages, the horse's speed increases, making it harder to avoid obstacles and gather stars.

The stunning graphics of the game take players to a fantastical setting with their verdant fields, shimmering rivers, and enchanted forests. With their expressive expressions and natural motions, the characters are brilliantly animated and come to life. The energetic soundtrack contributes to the overall exciting experience and keeps up with the game's fast tempo. It is equally captivating.

How To Play

  • Move with the arrow keys or AD, jump by pressing space, and glide (fly) by holding space.

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