Daily Crossword

Daily Crossword

Daily Crossword

Daily Crossword involves players using the existing clues to find out the required keywords and complete a grid as soon as possible. In Daily Crossword, you play on a large grid in which you must fill in the words horizontally (across) and vertically (down) using the existing clues. 

How To Play

The game provides players with two sections of clues, in which the upper ones are for across words and the lower ones are for down words. When you click on the clues, the cells in the grid will be colored yellow and pink. The yellow cells are the first letter of the target words. The words can be related to any theme, topic, or field. You will deduce clues from the information provided and find the keyword containing the same number of letters as the cells. When you click on a cell, it will turn blue, and other letters of the word will be colored light green. If there are cells colored black, it means that rows and columns don't contain any letters.

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