Commuter Crossword

Commuter Crossword

Commuter Crossword

A brain game called Commuter Crossword offers daily puzzles to draw in new players. The level is not too challenging, so participants can take part at any time of day, including when riding the bus or taking the metro, taking a break during the workday, or just at the end of the day before retiring for the night.

In Mini Crossword, new puzzles are added every day from Monday to Saturday. Each quiz uses straightforward questions based on very factual information to test your vocabulary knowledge. How many synonyms are there in your understanding? Perhaps playing this game can inspire you to broaden your vocabulary.

You are free to utilize the Reveal tool because it can help you to solve issues with the answers. Reveal Letter, Reveal Word, and Reveal Puzzle are your three options. Keep in mind that any of the above tools leads you to victory. 

Features in Commuter Crossword

  • Use the Check option to double-check your answers. You may select to verify the entire puzzle, a word at a time, or a single letter. Additionally, players can activate the Auto Check button as soon as they give the first letter so that they don’t have to click the Check button anymore.
  • Auto Check feature won't work if players use Pencil Style.
  • Players can print out the whole puzzle any time to complete it.
  • Change some format in settings such as: timer, arrow keys change direction, skip over filled squares, skip to next word, increase clue size, sound, clue position (right or grid).

How To Play

  • Find synonyms or related words to the puzzle
  • The letters in the correct answer of this question will be clues to another puzzle
  • You can fully solicit the assistance of friends or family members to complete all the problems.

Thanks Jacqueline E. Mathews for creating such a wonderful game!