Hard Crossword

Hard Crossword

Hard Crossword

Hard Crossword involves playing on a 15x14 board with a series of empty cells, which requires you to fill in the words created from a clue list. The game contains tricky themes, very few easy clues, and lots of misdirections, which require players to have a wide range of general knowledge. 


How To Play

As you start playing, there are two sections of clues: the upper ones are for across words, and the lower ones are for down words. As you click on the clues, the empty white cells in the grid will turn yellow and light green; yellow is the cell you directly click on. Black cells are those that do not contain any letters. If players cannot come up with any words from the clues, they can use some reveal options. You can choose to reveal the letters, words, or puzzles to find out the target words. The pencil mode is used to temporarily take note of the words. To open more clues on the board, start with the easiest or shortest clues. 

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