Cryptic Crossword Easy

Cryptic Crossword Easy

Cryptic Crossword Easy

Welcome to a free daily crossword that's not too hard and quite ideal in your coffee break time is called Cryptic Crossword Easy. It's a great puzzle to start with newbies in this genre.

Overview of Cryptic Crossword Easy

The quizzes are refreshed every day and players only need to choose a specific date to participate in the game. When you start, there will be a grid table with many different squares on the screen, they are white and black squares, players will fill in the answer in the white squares, not the black ones. 

Your left side is a list of suggested keywords for you to solve the puzzle accompanied by the number of letters in parentheses, the system will have two parts: Across and Down with the accompanying number. 

The hints will somewhat help you to give the correct answer so you will need to use all your knowledge to do that.


Menu Header

Time: It will start counting from the moment you typing the first letter

Menu: When you click Menu button, you can choose to change some of these options:

  •   Show errors: this feature will give you signal when you give the wrong answer
  •   Skip filled cells: players will skip cells that have been filled before
  •   Arrows change direction: Arrow keys will change direction before moving input
  •   Show timer to see how long you play the game
  •   Reveal: Give you hint about letter, word or entire puzzle
  •   Print: you can choose to print blank puzzle, with entries or with solution
  •   Save: If you take a long time to play and suddenly have to leave for a while, remember to save before you go so that you don't have to start  over
  •   Puzzle Infor give you a little information about this game such as author, editor, date, source 
  •   Reset Puzzle: Clear all the answers and replay
  •   Exit: Turn back to the main page

Print: Print the whole puzzle with blank, entries or solution

Menu Footer

Reveal: there are three options that players can take when they need help. Reveal letter to see each letter once at a time, Reveal word give you the full answer of any number and Reveal puzzle presents all the answers on board

Note: It shows a small message from the creator of the game - Michael Curl

How To Play

  • Choose a day you want to play
  • Base on the information you see in each number of Across and Down sections, think carefully and type the right answers in the grid on your right side

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Try our game to put your brain into a test. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on this quiz? Tell us by using the comment section.