Candy Match Saga 2

Candy Match Saga 2

Candy Match Saga 2

The much-loved online game Candy Match Saga 2 takes players on a fantastic and delicious adventure. The game narrates the tale of a young witch who sets out to gather magical candies. The game's objective is straightforward: match three or more candies of the same kind to earn points and advance through the stages.

The UI of the game is bright and colorful when it is first launched. Different kinds of candies are placed within each of the cells that divide the playing field. The player can slide any candy along any square in any direction, making the game's fundamentals simple to understand. The objective is to arrange three or more identical candies in a row so that they disappear from the playing area and leave an empty space.

You will have to look closely at everything in this game. You can move the candy you've chosen by square in any direction when moving. While moving, your goal is to arrange three or more identical candies in a row. This group of objects will vanish from the playing surface as soon as you form, and you will score points.

How To Play

  • Drag and drop the candies to match.

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