Cryptic Crossword

Cryptic Crossword

Cryptic Crossword

Although other versions in the Crosswords games can be challenging, Best Cryptic Crossword Easy can also be quite rewarding. One of the finest methods to gauge your aptitude for solving puzzles is to play this daily brain teaser game. The object of a cryptic crossword is to identify the correct word or phrase using the clues provided. Each clue is a deceptively simple problem that you may have in life. 

Main Details of Cryptic Crossword

  • Across & Down sections provide the clues about each number in the respective columns or rows. Moreover, the parentheses next to each clue are the number of characters of the answer that you must enter.
  • Time starts as soon as you make the first answer.
  • Check button will help you to scan the marked answer. If it is correct, the system will show the green ticks in all letters of that word. In contrast, if it isn’t, there will be red slashes.
  • Reveal function will give you a hand in solving puzzles such as: Reveal letter, Reveal word and Reveal puzzle.
  • Pencil mode is created to give players a try to think on their own, after that they can turn it off and check the answers.
  • Print mode is always available for people who want to play offline on paper.


You can change these properties below anytime:

  • Show timer
  • Arrow keys change direction
  • Skip over filled squares
  • Skip to next word
  • Increase clue size
  • Display clues as a list
  • Sound
  • Clue Position: Left or Right of the Grid

Besides, members of the game can see more information in Puzzle info, Restart or Exit to Main Menu.

How To Play

  • Click to any square and the clue corresponding to the square you point to will appear above the Grid
  • Base on the number of the characters in the word and your knowledge, think of the possible answers and fill the best one in the Grid
  • Finish it in the shortest time and sooner or later, your name will be noted in the Top Players list

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