Sheffer Crossword

Sheffer Crossword

Sheffer Crossword

Sheffer Crossword is a clever and distinctive variety of crossword game where you can apply your analytical skills to solve challenging puzzles.

An American journalist named Eugene Sheffer created this wonderful game. With his many puzzles featuring various themes and innovative layout, he advanced crossword puzzles to new standards. Thus, the quizzes received wide popularity and quickly became famous in the community.

In addition to the current crop of well-known puzzle games, Sheffer Crosswords continues to be a favorite among puzzle fans everywhere.

Features in Sheffer Crossword

  • Compartments: Thick black barred lines dividing the grid into separate compartments. Each unique little puzzle is contained in each compartment.
  • Blocked Sections: The black barred lines prevent answers from extending across and down past their compartment.
  • Segmented Solving: As opposed to a typical crossword, the answers are contained within each compartment and do not connect across the entire grid. 
  • Elaborate Themes: Since related answers are grouped together in compartments, constructors can produce more elaborate themes.
  • Tricky Clues: Since only the compartment clues can be used as a cross-reference for answers, solving puzzles is more difficult.
  • Innovative Grids: When freed from the restrictions of predetermined solutions, more inventive asymmetric or irregular grid shapes are possible.
  • Fresh Perspective: theme and topic as well as puzzles are updated everyday, so people don’t have to replay old quizzes.
  • Mental Challenge: This is a game for the brain. To win, they must use 100% their abilities to solve the questions.

How To Play

  • Solve puzzles in Across or Down with hints corresponding to the sequence number
  • Start with answers with less than 5 letters, find the ones you think you can solve.
  • Next, go to the spot with more letters and try to think about it.
  • Try to find synonyms, words in a phrase that include proper names, or words related to the clues given.