Anagram Crossword

Anagram Crossword

Anagram Crossword

Anagram Crossword involves playing on a large board with a wide range of empty cells, which requires you to fill in the words created from a clue list. You have to use the given words to create new meaningful words with the same number of letters.

How To Play

There are two sections of clues: the upper ones are for across words, and the lower ones are for down words. As you click on the clues, the empty white cells in the grid will turn yellow and light green. The yellow cells are the first letter of the target words. Black cells are those that do not contain any letters. You need to shuffle the letters in the words given to create words that have a new meaning and contain the same number of letters. If two letters are already close to one another in the old word, they cannot be placed next to each other in the new term. Players can use the reveal options if they are stuck solving the clues.

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