Block Wood Puzzle 2

Block Wood Puzzle 2

Block Wood Puzzle 2

Block Wood Puzzle 2 is a classic block puzzle game with diverse wooden blocks. The game uses a set of 12 wooden blocks with randomly appearing shapes for players to place on the board.

The goal is to arrange blocks to form complete rows or columns to score points and make them disappear. The blocks will appear one by one at the bottom of the screen and the player needs to use the mouse to drag and drop them to the desired location. Stacking the blocks is difficult because only specific blocks fit together in specific ways due to their shapes and cutouts.

Skills and IQ will be fully utilized in this game. If you do not arrange properly, gaps will appear and from there, rows and columns cannot be removed. The game will end if the player cannot place any more blocks on the board. This game will improve balance, problem-solving abilities, and hand-eye coordination.

Block Wood Puzzle 2 is an enjoyable test of dexterity, focus, and patience for all ages thanks to its straightforward yet captivating gameplay.

How To Play

  • Drag and drop the pieces into the board's empty slots as needed.
  • To get rid of tiles, create complete rows. When a row is cleared, you win.
  • For bonus combo points, clear two or more rows in a single movement.
  • By tapping the Money, you can use it to turn the pieces.