Bloxorz Roll the Block

Bloxorz Roll the Block

Bloxorz Roll the Block

Bloxorz Roll the Block is a block-rolling puzzle game where the goal is to move a rectangular block to a marked location on the screen. Using the arrow keys, you can control the rectangular block to roll on a flat surface, avoid 3D obstacles and complete missions.

As you complete the 33 levels, the stages will get more and more difficult. The player needs to calculate the number of moves to reach the destination without falling off the plane. Getting stuck or falling off the platform means the player must restart the level.

With intuitive controls, engaging 3D puzzles, and soothing background music, your reasoning will run smoothly. This game combines physics, logic, and problem-solving skills in engaging single-player gameplay. Take on this rotating block challenge to see if you have what it takes to overcome these crazy addictive levels.

Features of Bloxorz Roll the Block

  • A rectangular block is rolled and flipped to the goal as the main mechanic.
  • Simple platforms to intricate mazes and shapes are found on different levels.
  • The effects of gravity, momentum, and block placement are considered.
  • In 3D space, players must visualize and plan their movements.
  • Stages of plain white geometry accompanied by peaceful music.
  • The fewest moves are required to complete stages in order to earn the most stars.
  • To draw attention to the next step, use a hint.
  • Suitable for all ages, cross-platform puzzler for mobile and PC.