Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game is a legendary 2D arcade game which you usually see when you lose internet connection. You have to help the T-Rex dinosaur navigate the vast desert in this game. Run and avoid all obstacles on your way to gain the highest score. This is an endless running game so make your best effort to be the first place. Have a good time!

How To Play

Depending on the device you are using, press any key or the spacebar to launch the game.

  • Spacebar or ↑ key to start.
  • Press and hold ↑ or SPACEBAR for the dinosaur to jump higher.
  • ↓ key to avoid the eagle.
  • ALT or F11 key to pause the game.

The game will end instantly if the T-Rex runs into a cactus or other obstacle. If this happens, restart by tapping the dinosaur while pressing the spacebar or the key on your computer.

Tips And Tricks To Win Dinosaur Game

  • Jumping forward is one of the best strategies used by dinosaurs to get over obstacles. By doing this, the dinosaur will be able to jump over the cactus rather than waiting for you to get hit by it.
  • The dinosaur must crouch to avoid the flying reptiles even though it can jump or jump over land animals. Lowering its head is a wonderful and extremely helpful gesture.
  • Over time, game speed will increase; you must adapt to this change and act swiftly. As evening falls, you must exercise extra caution.