Jigsaw is a traditional game in which you must put the picture pieces together in the proper sequence to complete the image. You can choose from a variety of levels in the game, ranging from easy to difficult. And all of the images are paintings with a landscape theme.

Players also can connect the puzzle pieces together by using Mouse. Adjacent pieces that are properly placed will automatically stick together.

To keep track of how long it takes you to solve the puzzle, the game has a timer. But don’t worry because there is no time limit here. So, you can finish it whenever you want.

Players will succeed when all the pieces are put together properly and form a complete picture. On the screen, the execution time will be shown.

There are options to select the level of difficulty, activate or deactivate the timer, start over, and shuffle the chess pieces.

This is a basic, simple puzzle game that you can play to unwind or test your mental acuity.

How To Play

Use your mouse to play this game: drag and drop pieces, they will automatically connect if they belong together.