Ludo with Friends

Ludo with Friends

Ludo with Friends

Ludo with Friends, also known as Pachisi, is a game that Indian kings and queens used to play in the past. To move your tokens to the Ludo board's center, roll the Ludo dice. In this online game, you can defeat other players and rise to the position of Ludo king. Each player in the game is given four identical-colored tokens, and there are two to four players total. The objective is to move each of the four tokens from their initial location around the board to the finish area in the middle.

A cross-shaped track with home columns for each player's tokens makes up the board. Along each arm of the cross, there are squares labeled 1 through 6. A single die is rolled during gameplay to determine how many squares a token should move. The opponent's token is pushed back to its starting position if a player's token lands on the same square as an opponent's token.

Rules of Ludo with Friends

  • Once a player rolls a 6, tokens can only begin leaving their current location.
  • Players must move a token in accordance with the outcome of the die roll, or pass if there is no token to move.
  • Around the board, tokens move in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Each square can only hold one token, forcing the others to return home.
  • The player gets an additional turn if they roll a 6.

The winner is the first person to place all four tokens in the finish area. When rolling the dice, luck plays a part, but strategic token movement and opposition blocking are crucial strategies. Ludo with Friends is a fun classic that's simple to pick up but challenging to master thanks to its straightforward rules and interesting gameplay!