Outspell is a free online spelling game where the goal is to outsmart your opponent by spelling a word correctly.

You and your opponent will alternately type letters to create a word from a dictionary that the system will randomly select. Before entering a word into the grid, players can also check its accuracy by looking it up in a dictionary.

Both professional and novice players can be your adversaries. That won't be an issue, though, if you come out on top.

How To Play

To spell a word, drag and drop tiles onto the board. The game's first word must traverse the board's center.

Click the Submit button after spelling a word.

Earn more points by using bonus cells:

  • Blue squares mean Letter Bonus
  • Red squares mean Word Bonus

If you are unable to come up with a word, swap your tiles. Thus, your turn will be skipped.

Word Placement Rules in Outspell

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