Rotated Cups

Rotated Cups

Rotated Cups

Mind-boggling Rotated Cups is a simple physics puzzle game that introduces spatial reasoning on all devices. The player must rotate each cup in order to move the ball in each of the 36 stages.

Although moving the cups to position the ball may seem easy, the sophisticated one-touch controls provide a fulfilling aspect of practice. As the ball waits to descend, you may precisely arrange the holes by tapping to rotate each cup. In order to guide the ball to the finish line, you'll develop an instinctive feel for manipulating the cups and trajectory angles.

The timeless rotating maze puzzles are given a contemporary twist by the elegant, minimalistic artwork that incorporates haptic elements. A pleasing feedback is added by upbeat music and sounds when the balls land in the specified cup. To make the levels more difficult, later ones will have traps, teleporters, and bolts as obstacles.

The game is excellent because of how replayable and progressive it is. The 36 layouts are progressively more challenging, so you may practice your spatial awareness without getting overwhelmed. You'll acquire the mental abilities needed to instinctively plot intricate trajectories and make fast cup modifications.

Daily difficulties To keep the tests from growing stale, refresh them with a fresh layout. Having to compete with other cup manipulators on the worldwide leaderboard adds even more incentive to hone techniques and reach the top.

For those seeking a simple way to manipulate space while utilizing logic, physics, and intuition, Rotated Cups provides entertaining amusement for all devices. Using your increasing experimentation skills to push your 3D visualization talent, manipulating the cup comes naturally to you. Can you overcome the physics hurdles and reach the highest levels? To find out, hold and spin!