Sort It - Water Sort Puzzle

Sort It - Water Sort Puzzle

Sort It - Water Sort Puzzle

Sort It - Water Sort Puzzle is a relaxing puzzle game suitable for all ages. Its goal is to filter out individual solutions in each test tube. The solutions are being mixed together, your task is to separate them into separate test tubes.

Use your mouse to pour them into separate test tubes and complete the mission in each level. The level of difficulty will increase gradually with each level, through which, players will need to use their IQ to solve difficult puzzles. However, do not worry, the difficulty levels in this game are for entertainment purposes only. You won't have too much trouble with this game.

Features of Sort It - Water Sort Puzzle

  • A soothing puzzle game in which players must direct colored water streams into the appropriate color buckets.
  • Several levels with hundreds of increasingly difficult puzzles.
  • A variety of water-navigational puzzle components, such as pipes, valves, portals, obstacles, splitters, and more.
  • Determining the proper pipe connections to solve each puzzle requires logic and strategy.
  • Calming, minimalistic visual and audio design create a calming environment.
  • Water redirection is simple to do with optimized touch controls.
  • If you get stuck on a level, hints are available to help.
  • A level editor that lets you make and share original puzzles.
  • Daily challenges offer new material.
  • Play at your own pace with no time restrictions, moves restrictions, or lives.
  • Relax Mode to experience no pressure.
  • International leaderboards for comparing stats and rankings.
  • Supports a variety of tongues.

Sort It - Water Sort Puzzle provides a relaxing, flow-based puzzle experience that is both addictive and encourages logical reasoning. The straightforward mechanics provide hours of fun challenges.

How To Play

Use mouse or touch test tube to play game