Swipe The Pin

Swipe The Pin

Swipe The Pin

Swipe The Pin is a popular game that challenges players to strategically swipe a pin to get colorful balls into a glass jar. Placing the balls into the jar is the game's main objective. Levels frequently have various pins connected to objects like bombs and marbles of various colors. To make a safe path for the ball to travel, players must carefully swipe their fingers over the pins or click to remove them.

The player will come across a variety of obstacles in the game, including moving platforms, spikes, and traps. Every level has a unique set of difficulties that players must overcome by using strategy and modifying their swipe patterns. In order to add even more complexity and interest, certain levels may also include logic-based components or puzzles.

Swipe The Pin is a tough and enjoyable game that puts players' problem-solving abilities, strategic thinking, and hand-eye coordination to the test. It has colorful graphics and simple controls. For casual players seeking an interesting and captivating mobile gaming experience, it's a well-liked option because it provides a fulfilling combination of skill-based gameplay and puzzle-solving elements.

How To Play

Use your mouse to swipe the pin, drop the colorful balls into the glass jar