Turn The Screw

Turn The Screw

Turn The Screw

Welcome to the world of screws in Turn The Screw – a simple puzzle game. Your task is to unscrew the screws, disassemble them and remove the metal panels. Players just need to click on any screw to remove them from the wooden board, then fix them in another hole to release the metal board.

The aids you can use are bombs and punching:

  • Bomb will make the job complete in 5 seconds
  • Punching has a slightly greater effect than bombs

Remember that you only have 25 seconds to complete the job in some levels, otherwise the game will end immediately. The help is never available, watch more ads to achieve them.

Don't think this game is an easy challenge, you need to use your quick mind to solve puzzles and conquer dozens of different levels. The game will gradually increase in difficulty so you can improve your problem-solving ability. Take part in this mesmerizing bolt unscrewing challenge.