Virus Jigsaw

Virus Jigsaw

Virus Jigsaw

Virus Jigsaw is a classic puzzle game themed around common viruses. Can you recognize any names and characteristics from these viruses? With cute drawings and fun character designs, this game is suitable for all ages, especially children. Players can choose one of three difficulty levels, medium and easy before playing. The number of puzzle pieces in the game depends on the level you choose. That means the more difficult the level, the more pieces and vice versa.

In addition, players cannot choose any virus picture but must play in order of the system. The following paintings will be unlocked when you complete the previous painting. Unlocking the picture as well as the level depends on completing your mission. Use the mouse to move the puzzle pieces and complete the picture in the shortest time even though the game does not have a timed mode.

Features of Virus Jigsaw

  • Virus images are cute, suitable for all ages
  • Easy gameplay
  • Provide general information about virus

How To Play

Use your mouse to play this game: Drag the pieces of the picture and release them into the appropriate position to complete the virus image.