Word Cube

Word Cube

Word Cube

With all-new 3D enhancements, Word Cube brings the fun of solving anagrams to any device. Players select letter blocks to form words required by the system. By linking letters together in 3D, you can create longer and more complex words. The more letters you connect, the more points you will receive.

The game offers a brain test that trains vocabulary and spatial skills with over 150 word puzzles in three modes. To aid progression, optional hints reveal letter positions. Global leaderboards and ongoing chain rewards provide a competitive incentive to continue rearranging blocks.

While simple touch controls make rearranging letters simple, visualizing words within the spatial confines of the cube stimulates players' thinking from unexpected directions. Different letter combinations will yield different results, and you will be able to create an increasing number of new words. To overcome this word challenge, keep track of system requirements and complete each task.

Word Cube uses a 3D play space to stimulate the brain's ability to detect letter patterns in full spatial dimensions to provide a creative solution to vocabulary puzzles. In this addictive word building game, connect your thoughts to link letters across and around the cube.

How To Play

Tap the cubes with letters to complete the required word . If you are satisfied with the word, tap "go". Read the instruction carefully before choosing cubes

Try to create as many words as possible from huge number of letters