Words Detective Bank Heist

Words Detective Bank Heist

Words Detective Bank Heist

In Words Detective Bank Heist, players take on the role of a talented detective investigating a bank robbery by finding clues in photos. Your task is to find the words that represent the clues in each clue picture, that will eventually unravel the final culprit. Each level provides clues about the story and then given a set of jumbled letters, find the correct answer based on the color of the letters, the picture and the next puzzle will appear. go out. Sometimes you need a few hints, the system will let you do it when you click the Hint button.

With different generated levels, the story will gradually become more interesting than ever. Images and music will create an atmosphere of mysterious crime investigation. Unlocking new levels and Words Detective Bank Heist will bring a fresh new experience to your word puzzle game. USE your language skills to solve the mystery in each puzzle.

How To Play

  • Tap letters to spell a mystery word
  • Green letters are in the solution at the right place
  • Blue letters are in the solution but not at the right place
  • Uncolored letters are not in the solution