2048 Lines

2048 Lines

2048 Lines

In the game 2048 Lines, players combine numbered tiles on a grid to form horizontal or vertical lines that score points. It is a variation on the first 2048 game. Numbered tiles from 2 to 2048 slide into random locations on the 6x6 grid. You can move all tiles in the direction you swipe by using swipe gestures.

When two identical tiles collide, their values combine. As powers of 2, tiles can be combined multiple times. 

For example, 2+2=4, 4+4=8, etc.

A full horizontal or vertical line formed by moving tiles across the grid vanishes and awards points based on the value of the adjacent tiles. Longer lines earn higher scores.

Up until there are no more moves left to make, the game continues. Although obtaining a 2048 tile remains the ultimate goal, creating lengthy, valuable lines is the first priority. Planning and spatial reasoning are required for strategic tile-sliding to both combine tiles and create lines. Bombs and row/column additions are examples of power ups that help.

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