7 Words

7 Words

7 Words

Welcome to 7 Words game! All ages can enjoy playing this entertaining and educational game. You are given a list of letters and definitions in this game, which are divided into two sections. The defined words must be generated by you in the shortest amount of time. If you already know the answer to the puzzle but it is not listed in the letter group table at the bottom, you should look up the synonym and broaden your vocabulary.


There are a few options in the game that can assist you while playing, including:

  • A group of letters is sorted alphabetically.
  • Three tips to help you identify the correct response
  • Order the letter groups differently

How To Play

Use your mouse to play on PC or tap on screen if you play on mobile.

Tips And Tricks in 7 Words

  • Plan out your first word carefully to make the most of high-value letters like Q, Z, X, and J. This will help you score more points.
  • Try to create words that are interlocked and share letters with other words on the board. You can score more words at once by doing this.
  • To earn more points, give preference to placing words that incorporate letters from the game's bonus letter tiles. Every few rounds, these are refreshed.
  • Keep a close eye on the letter bank and take new letters as soon as you see them if they can be used to create a new word. The quick grab extra letters.
  • Seek out opportunities to strategically block areas of the board where your opponent might play a word with a high point value. 
  • Avoid wasting turns by exchanging every tile. To improve your rack, only swap out one or two letters at once.
  • If you have trouble with any letters, use the 2 letter wildcard tiles. They assist you in creating words from difficult letter combinations.
  • Plan a few turns ahead and leave space to expand short words into longer ones as more suitable letters appear.
  • Review the 2 and 3 letter opening words so you can use them quickly to create space when it's necessary. ION, MEM, ORE, and so on.

These strategies will enable you to maximize scoring opportunities and outsmart opponents in 7 Words through keen observation, careful planning, and quick reflexes. It takes practice to perfect the strategy and pace, but it pays off in victories!

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