Amazing Word Twist

Amazing Word Twist

Amazing Word Twist

In the free word game Amazing Word Twist, players must construct as many English words as they can using the provided letters. The difficulty of the game gradually rises until it reaches 6 letter words after an easy beginning with 3–4 letter words. The vocabulary in the game ranges from widely used to uncommon, making it a fun mental exercise.

Amazing Word Twist is a novel reimagining of conventional word games that tests vocabulary skills with thousands of challenging word puzzles in dozens of themed levels.

How To Play

Guide in Amazing Word Twist

  • You have to use the six letters provided to you in the game to find every word. Words range in length from three to six letters. 
  • You can end the game and begin a new one if you find a six-letter word.
  • You won't get all the stars if you select that option.
  • Only if all words are answered on the board can you receive the full star's number. 


  • If you create a word, please press the Enter key to confirm it. 
  • The "Twist" button will reorder your letters.
  • The "Hint" button will provide a brief hint for one or more letters in the board's word list.
  • If you find a word using the letters, you can end the game by pressing the "End" button. 

Scoring and Definitions in Amazing Word Twist

  • For each word you discover, you will receive a score.
  • Larger boards have a higher score value.
  • You can view your rankings and statistics.
  • You can find a hidden bonus word while playing the game.
  • These words aren't on the list of words, but you'll get extra credit if you find them.
  • The game's middle top screen has a number of hidden words.
  • For each word in the current puzzle, there are blank spaces on the game board.
  • You can see the words you are lacking by looking at the list, which is arranged alphabetically.