Dordle is an exciting word-guessing game that allows you to test your vocabulary by finding two hidden words at once on a 5x7 board. 

If Wordle is hard enough, what about Dordle? Dordle is tailor-made for players who love guessing words and testing their vocabulary in their leisure time. Like Wordle, you still need to guess two five-letter words to fill in each row at a time. Moreover, this game helps you lift your mood after a stressful day.

The special thing about Dordle is that you can easily start new challenges after completing other challenges. In this game, you have more attempts to guess hidden words; hence, wisely use them to win. Besides, if you don’t want to guess five-letter words, you can easily change the number of letters on hidden words to make your word guessing more interesting. Don't hesitate; let’s conquer this challenging game right now!

How To Play Dordle: Everything You Need To Know

If you are familiar with Wordle’s gameplay, Dordle will be an easy game for you because its gameplay is similar to Wordle's. In this game, you can choose one of two modes: Free Dordle or Daily Dordle. The big difference between the two modes is that in Daily Dordle mode, players will offer the same words for the rest of the day, while Free Dordle mode gives you random words.

In Dordle, you need to guess two five-letter words at the same time; however, you only input one word at a time. After inputting your guess, you will press enter to submit your guess. Keep in mind that, like in Wordle, this game will display colors that indicate how correct the letters are. For example, if the letter shows green, which means the letter is in the correct place, or if the letter shows gray, which means the letter is in the wrong place, or if the letter shows yellow, which means the letter is in the hidden word but in the wrong place.

Strategies To Correctly Guess Word

  •  Research on Google: If you get stuck when guessing, you can totally use the help of Google. For example, you can search for words with five letters, then carefully consider each word before inputting it into each square. Besides, with this tip, you not only find the correct words but also broaden your vocabulary.
  • One word at a time: Instead of guessing two words for two grids at a time, you should care about one word first. For example, you can try guessing words on the left side and then on the right side because if you guess more correct letters on the left side, you can easily guess correctly on the right side.
  • Selecting the first words carefully: Like Wordle, selecting first words aids you in narrowing down the total number of moves made to find hidden words. For example, you should select words that have vowels such as A, E, I, O, and U and consonants such as N, T, S, and R.
  • Notice the keyboard in Dordle: This tip enables you to understand the nature and behavior of the letters on the keyboard, and then you can correctly guess the hidden words.
  • Practice more: You only need to practice frequently; you will guess more different words after a long time.

 What Is The Best First Dordle Word?

As mentioned, selecting the first word will increase your winning opportunity in Dordle. However, whether you understand the criteria for the best first word in this game or not, Let’s look at the following features to select the best word:

  • You should select words with the most vowels, such as about, audio, equal.
  • A word doesn’t have repeated letters.
  • You should choose words with the most common consonants, including S, E, A, O, R, I, L, T, N, and U. For example, at first, you can input some words such as ultra, raise.

Key Features

  • Two game modes: Daily Dordle mode and Free Dordle mode
  • Display three different colors to show how close the letters are in the hidden words
  • Allow players to play as much as they can
  • Seven attempts to fill five-letter words
  • Choose various puzzles to solve in Free Dordle mode

Differences Between Wordle And Dordle

Generally, in terms of gameplay and pattern, Dordle is quite similar to Wordle. Nevertheless, the two games have some differences. First, Dordle will provide players with two grips instead of one like Wordle; therefore, you can see that on a keyboard, Dordle will show you two colors: the left half for the left grid and the right half for the right grid. Second, in Dordle, players can choose one of the two game modes they want and have more attempts to guess words than in Wordle. Eventually, you can copy your results in Dordle in two ways: copy the process of your word guessing routine to the clipboard, and copy the column holding your guesses in Discord format.


  1. Which words should players choose for the first row?

Players should input words that have as many vowels as possible and no similar letters in them. According to a mathematician called Grant Sanderson, you should start the game with some words such as crane, sloth, equal, about, etc. because they have frequently used letters.

  1. What can you do in daily Dordle mode?

After selecting daily Dordle mode, you can guess the same words on a daily basis with your friends or family. However, the word chain will change after 24 hours.

  1. Can I change the number of letters in hidden words?

Yes, you can change the number of letters in hidden words by opening game settings and selecting any mode you want.

  1. What is the difference between colors displayed on keyboard buttons?

The colors displayed on the keyboard buttons will show you how close they are to the hidden words. For example, green implies the correct letters, gray means the wrong letters, and yellow means it is in the hidden word but in the wrong place.

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