Five Nights at Christmas

Five Nights at Christmas

Five Nights at Christmas

Welcome to Five Nights at Christmas, a terrifying horror survival game that will transport you to the heart of a winter nightmare. As the temperature drops and the icy air rushes in, you become entangled in a web of terror that spans multiple nights, each night more sinister than the last. The goal of the game appears to be straightforward: survive five bone-chilling nights in a desolate winter landscape. However, hidden beneath the snow-covered branches are a number of difficult tasks awaiting your completion. When you walk through the dark forest and the cold seeps into your bones, you will feel insecure. It's not just the freezing temperatures; something else is watching and waiting to trap you.

Maintain a healthy body temperature because braving the biting cold can be just as dangerous as other threats lurking in the shadows. The snow-covered landscape conceals dangers far beyond the naked eye, and strategic decisions must be made to avoid succumbing to winter's chill. A strange character draws your attention among the haunting snow-covered pine trees - the mysterious Snowman. This icy sentinel complicates your struggle for survival by appearing innocent but harboring a sinister secret. When night falls, the Snowman transforms from an icy guardian to a symbol of ever-present danger, a silent watchman in a desolate land. Five Nights at Christmas goes beyond the usual horror genre, conveying the quintessential spirit of the Christmas season with a chilling twist, thanks to the immersive atmosphere and gripping storytelling. Prepare for an extraordinary experience that combines the festive fun of Christmas with the spine-chilling terror of a survival horror game.

How To Play

  • WASD - Move
  • Mouse - Look
  • E - Intract
  • F - Flashlight (ON/OFF)
  • ESC - Pause/Resume