Get 11 - Puzzle

Get 11 - Puzzle

Get 11 - Puzzle

Get 11 - Puzzle is a simple but highly addictive puzzle game for all ages. Start with a 5x6 grid with squares numbered from 1 to 4. The player's task is to merge squares with the same number to create a new number with the final goal being 11.

When two numbers with the same unit collide, they will merge and form a new number that is one unit larger, continuing until you create the number 11. However, if you cannot create a new number, the game Play will end. The puzzles start simple but quickly become difficult as you progress through hundreds of handcrafted levels. With its minimalist design and addictive meditative music, Get 11 - Puzzle offers endless number-merge puzzle entertainment.


How To Play

  • Click your mouse to play
  • Try to create number 11
  • The game will end if you cannot make any move