Guess Word

Guess Word

Guess Word

Guess Word is a fun word guessing game that you should try at least once. Please select the level that best suits you by selecting the amount of letters in the response; your options are 4, 5, or 6.

A player may guess up to six times. The player can determine whether a letter is in the answer or not with each guess based on its color. The letter is either not in the answer if it is black, it is in the answer but in the incorrect location if it is yellow, and it is in the correct position if it is green.

If you are unable to guess the word in the response, you have the option of giving up or receiving a hint. If you select "Hint", the computer will show any letters that are missing from the solution in black. As a result, you can use the letters that are left to make an educated guess at the solution.

Features in Guess Word

  • Players pick a number of correct answers and try to guess it within6 attempts.
  • The color of the words players guessed will show them whether it contains in the answer or not
  • Hint function is free to use anytime. However, it will just reveal the incorrect word in the keyboard
  • The given score will decrease each time after you guess the wrong answer

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to click the letters on the keyboard or press the letter directly
  • Players have 6 attempts to guess the correct answer. After 6 tries, the game will over
  • Hint function only shows the incorrect letters which are not in the answer

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