In the Wordle series, Letterle is an extremely simple game that you must play. You have 26 chances per day, therefore failure is improbable if you get only one letter right. Playing is always free.

How To Play

  • Select a random letter on screen.
  • If the letter you have chosen is gray, it will not be the right answer.
  • Keep trying until you choose the correct letter which is in green color.

Tips And Tricks in Letterle

Winning Letterle at the first letter is nearly impossible. However, you can limit the number of chances in the lowest ability by these tips: 

  • Commence by using the most prevalent letters. The most frequent letters in the English alphabet, according to a frequency analysis, are E, T, A, O, I, N, S, H, R, D, L, and U. To eliminate some options and reduce your options, try these letters first.
  • Apply the method of elimination. When a letter you guessed turns gray, it indicates that you were incorrect. You can disregard that letter for the remainder of the game and concentrate on the others instead. The wrong keyboard letters are also grayed out in the game so you can readily identify which ones are left.
  • Search for trends. You might occasionally notice that some letters tend to emerge as the right answer more frequently than others. For instance, it's possible that the game favors vowels or consonants more often, or that it favors letters at the beginning or end of the alphabet. By using this knowledge, you can boost your chances of winning by making more educated predictions.

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