Microsoft Wordament

Microsoft Wordament

Microsoft Wordament

Popular word and puzzle game Microsoft Wordament is on Every age group enjoys the game's fun and engaging gameplay. This is an entertainment aimed at improving memory while helping to improve vocabulary for anyone with a desire to win. You can choose one of three games: Wordament, Word Twister or Crosswords to start your challenge. In addition, small challenges in Daily Challenges also bring you interesting experiences every day.

In all sections, you will have the opportunity to explore a large villa with levels divided into different landmarks in each area of the premises. The unique feature of the game is that players can both explore the beauty of the scenery in the villa and enjoy word puzzles at each different level. When you select a level to start with, you'll see its basic information to complete the task as quickly as possible: the number of words required to gain stars in the level, the maximum number of points you can get, and EN Words. You can get three stars for each puzzle by fulfilling the goals. To access the next puzzle, collect at least one star. Time to go! 

Look for words in Wordament that have three or more letters so you can add them to the list on the left. You can also enter words you find using your keyboard. You have two options: either go back to the map after solving the current puzzle or continue playing until you've earned all three stars. You can always come back later to obtain the remaining stars if you decide to move on.

In Word Twister, your objective is to reorganize letter tiles in order to uncover the words that are hidden in the above list. To begin, drag tiles up from your rack to form the word COD. Then, press the Verify Word button. By letter count, the word list is arranged alphabetically. Use this to aid in your word discovery! To rearrange the tiles in your rack, you can also drag them around. Give it a try to learn more! In addition, words can be located by typing on the keyboard or by dragging along the bottom of the rack to highlight them. To unlock the Bonus Twister, locate the other two keys after you've gathered one.

Ultimately, the puzzle where you can solve the clues is Crossword. Enter your solutions for the crossword grid's clues. On your right side, a list of clues will appear; clicking on one will highlight the grid's answer space. For instance, at the start, click the highlighted clue or the first grid square, then type CAMPS using the keyboard. Additionally, after filling out the form, players can always click the Check button to verify their answers.