In Polydle, there are three modes: classic, speed, and perfect. In classic mode, you have to minimize your number of guesses. Meanwhile, no matter how many guesses you take, just make it as fast as possible in speed mode. The most difficult is perfect mode, as you only have three chances to guess. You can choose the number of words you want to guess from 1 to 2315.

How To Play

Like other word games, there are color codes on the tiles to show how close you were to the targeted word. Green tiles indicate that your letter is in the word and in the right spot. Yellow tiles are the letters that appear in the word but are wrongly placed. White tiles demonstrate that the letters are not included in the word. As soon as you finish one guess, all the tiles will be filled with green. Conversely, if you don’t, the rows will increase until you can guess the target words (only in classic and speed modes). 

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