In Omnle, you have to come up with new phrases by trying to guess the letters that form a word. You will have 2314 attempts to guess the targeted words containing five valid letters. These words must be real and meaningful. The game also contains words that have mixed letters to create new words, which are called unscrambled letters. For example, the word "melon" can be mixed to make the word "lemon".

How To Play

Much like other related word games, there are color codes to indicate whether your guess is close to the targeted word or not. The guess containing letters is colored green if it is accurate and placed correctly; yellow if it is accurate but placed incorrectly; and gray if it is not part of the target word. Every time you give out a prediction, you will guess that word for all the other words that you are solving. Each word will be solved differently. After finishing Omnle, you will have to wait 8 hours to continue playing.

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