Word Duel

Word Duel

Word Duel

A fast-paced, enjoyable word game for two players is called Word Duel. To create words out of a set of seven randomly chosen letters before your opponent.

The same set of 7 letters are given to each player. You try to quickly construct words using some or all of the letters as you take turns. More points are awarded for words that are longer.

The key is to form the words more quickly than your opponent. The other player cannot use those letters after the first player creates a word. Making the best-scoring words quickly before your letters are taken turns into a race.

You can play with the restriction that no letter may be used more than once or with the restriction that letters may be used up until they are completely crossed out. Abbreviations and proper nouns are typically forbidden.

Your vocabulary, pattern recognition, and reaction time are all tested by Word Duel. Fast-paced and competitive, games require you to race to find words your opponent has missed or to obtain those high-value letters first. It's a fun word game that can be played both offline and online.

How To Play

To earn points, spell out a word using letter blocks. Utilize the incentives!

  • B1 - Beginner
  • I2 - Intermediate (Unlock with 30 cups)
  • A3 - Advanced (Unlock with 60 cups)
  • E4 - Expert (Unlock with 90 cups)
  • C4 - Champion (Unlock with 150 cups)

Players can also see their opponents in the leaderboard and earn more gold for free everyday.