Word Hunter

Word Hunter

Word Hunter

Word Hunter, the latest craze in mobile word gaming that will put your vocabulary, speed, and strategic thinking to the ultimate test, will take you on an amazing linguistic adventure. Dive into a world where every second counts, and the task of inventing words becomes an exhilarating race against time and fellow word enthusiasts from all around the world.

A Game of Skill and Speed

Each round, you're given 15 tiles (letters) and 1 minute to create as many words as you can and submit them before the time runs out. As you utilize the tiles to make words, fresh ones replace the old ones, ensuring that you always have 15 tiles available. Furthermore, certain tiles provide rich double- or triple-letter bonuses, allowing you to boost your score to previously unheard-of heights. Engage in the art of wordsmithing, where longer words not only earn you more points but also significant time bonuses. As your score rises, however, the time bonuses become less forgiving, necessitating a precise balance between word length and strategic scoring.

Daily Challenges

Every day delivers a new challenge in the shape of new letter sets, ensuring that all players are on an even playing field. It's a true test of your word expertise as you navigate through the daily challenge with precision, skill, and inventiveness, with everyone armed with the same letters. Enjoy a level playing field where your wordsmithing prowess reigns supreme and your performance determines your standing among your fellow word hunters.

Weekly Leaderboards

Do you believe you have what it takes to take the top spot? Compete against the world's top word hunters on the weekly leaderboards, where your highest score becomes your ticket to global recognition. Prove your mettle as you compete for first place, showcasing your mastery of word creation and time management against a global community of word enthusiasts.

How To Play

How fast can you identify the words? To highlight a word, touch and drag it. Add language from a variety of fields and sectors to your repertoire.