Word Stickers!

Word Stickers!

Word Stickers!

Word Stickers! is a brand new and entertaining way to play word games on our website. On a communal word puzzle board, players take turns adding letter stickers one at a time to create words.

The game gives you letters on digital sticky notes so you can play. When it's your turn, incrementally create new words horizontally and vertically by adding a letter somewhere, just like in a crossword puzzle.

The objective is to fill the board entirely with valid, interlocking words. Each new word you create by strategically placing your letter tiles earns you points. However, you must work quickly because unused letters vanish once your turn is over. 

Word Stickers! gives conventional word-building exercises a novel twist. While the multiplayer mode allows you to compete against friends, solo play is fun for brainteasers.

How To Play

  • Find hidden words by sliding your finger horizontally or vertically over them and watching the letters collapse.
  • If you do this for all of the words, you will be able to clear the grid.
  • The pink pig will show you how to create extra words in order to earn more coins.
  • 3 stars indicate that you make no mistakes in order to receive the Perfect Bonus.
  • When you get stuck on a level, remember that there are hints to help; click one or all of them to investigate

Help To Win Word Stickers!

  • GOOD START will show you the first letter of the word.
  • START & FINISH will show you the first and the last letter of the word.
  • EXPOSE will show you a whole word and its shape.
  • TIP will show you a whole word without its location and shape.